Joint Interoperability Test Command
Motion Imagery Standards Laboratory (MIS-LAB)
Compliance Test and Evaluation (CTE) Test Facility
CTE Facility
The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) at Fort Huachuca, Arizona has established the MIS-LAB testing facility that supports compliance of the Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) standards document, the MISP, and the NATO STANAG 4609 digital MI standards document. The MIS-LAB also supports capable implementation compliance testing, proposes additions to MISP and STANAG 4609 validation testing, and completes other MIS-LAB test related activities. Initial MI system compliance is conducted at the designated test facility (the JITC) or at alternate locations approved by the JITC.

The MIS-LAB conducts testing at or near the end of the software development process. Developers should plan and conduct inter-Implementation Under Test (IUT) development before MISP and/or STANAG 4609 compliance testing. Sample data submission is recommended prior to testing to assist in the process.
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