Joint Interoperability Test Command
Motion Imagery Standards Laboratory (MIS-LAB)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What exactly is MIS-LAB Compliance Testing?
A: Compliance testing is a methodology that ensures all vendors and developers of MI products interpret the MISP and /or NATO STANAG 4609 standards in a uniform manner, thereby reducing the possibility of interoperability problems during system/product fielding.

Q: What does compliance testing reveal that cannot be discovered by developmental or other testing performed in my own facility?
A: The MIS-LAB CTE Program is universal. Vendors and developers around the world participate in the program. It would be impossible to expect every vendor or developer to interpret every specification in the same manner. Therefore, the interpretations provided by MIS-LAB CTE personnel provide the consistency and uniformity needed for improved interoperability capabilities.

Q: How much can I expect to pay for the JITC's MIS-LAB Compliance Testing services?
A: Exact costs for the JITC's services are test-dependent and are beyond the scope of this document; please contact the JITC Test Director for details. Contact information is provided below.

Q: How far in advance must I schedule a compliance test with the JITC?
A: Clients may call at anytime to discuss and schedule a test; however, the completed test forms and payment must be received prior to the test start date. Test periods are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, with exceptions and special considerations available for justified emergencies or other unusual circumstances. Testing can usually be scheduled to begin within 6-10 weeks of a request for test services

Q: How long does the typical compliance test take to complete?
A: The length of the test is dependent upon and related to the complexity and the amount of testing desired by the client. Extended regression testing may be required.

Q: Must I bring my system to the JITC for testing, or can the JITC provide its services in my facility?
A: Testing arrangements can be made either way; however, when a client desires testing to be performed at his or her location, the client will incur the travel, per-diem, lodging, shipping, and other costs incidental to the JITC MIS-LAB testing team's visit.

Q: What else can the JITC MIS-LAB CTE Facility do for me?
A: This facility has resolved numerous MI problems for its clients, many of which were handled with just a simple phone call. For example, the facility has fielded questions on MISP standards interpretations and implementations, test schedule matters, and switch settings. The MIS-LAB has also developed a custom MI testing tool for testing and validation. As a leading advocate for MI standards conformance, the MIS-LAB participates in the development of and changes to adopted standards and assesses their impacts on systems and DoD/IC/NSG architectures. There is virtually no limit as to what the JITC MIS-LAB CTE Facility can do in the MI arena. If you have a problem or question, do not hesitate to contact them today.
Contact Information
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