Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI)


Program Description

The Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) is a Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise initiative that will modernize and transform the financial management capabilities of the Defense Agencies. DAI is not an update of legacy systems, but an implementation of integrated financial management capabilities that will subsume many systems and standardize business processes. DAI as a concept has existed in DoD for a decade, with the business case becoming stronger and the need more urgent as Defense Agencies have been unable to upgrade existing systems or effectively participate in larger financial management transformation efforts managed by the services. The Defense Agencies are committed to leveraging their resources and talents to build an integrated system that supports standardized processes and proves that DoD is capable of using a single architecture and foundation to support multiple, diverse components.

JITC Services

JITC is providing Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) and Net Readiness-Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP) services for the DAI program. Potential NR-KPP/OT&E locations are to be determined.

Key Facts:

Customer: Business Transformation Agency (BTA)
Acquisition Category: ACAT III
Milestone (MS) Status: Pre-MS B
DOT&E Oversight? (y/n): N

Key POCs:

Milestone Decision Authority: BTA
Program Manager: BTA
PM Test Manager: BTA
User Rep: Member Agencies/Organizations
Capabilities Test Team (CTT) Lead: JTB
OT&E Lead: JT1
Information Assurance (IA) Lead: N/A

JITC Contacts:

For more detailed information about the support that the Joint Interoperability Test Command provides to the DAI PMO, please contact:

  Last Revision: 24 Mar 11

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