DoD Interoperability Communications Exercise
Department of Defense Interoperability Communications Exercise (DICE)

DICE is the only DoD exercise whose principal purpose is to generate system-level, joint interoperability assessments and certifications to support the fielding of interoperable systems to the warfighter. Since the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) is DoD's sole interoperability certification authority, JITC conducts DICE in support of DoD joint interoperability testing, training, and transformation initiatives with its primary focus to mitigate operational risk by thoroughly testing new communications systems and software releases in a realistic joint tactical network. Participants include communications equipment and personnel from each of the Services, Combatant Commands, the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE), the National Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security (Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)).


Planning efforts for the first FY2012 DICE event, FY12-01 starting October 31 and ending November 18 2011 are continuing.

The final planning conference for the DICE FY12-02 event (March 5 - 23, 2012) will be held October 18-20, 2011 at JITC in Fort Huachuca, AZ. Conference registration will open in a few weeks.

If you are not currently scheduled to participate in DICE FY12-01 and would like to or if you would like to receive email notification once conference registration is open or for any other assistance or inquiries, please contact

For more information, please visit the DICE AKO/DKO portal:

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Participation Information
Joint Task Force
JITC intends to replicate the JTF environment during DICE... (more)

DICE Video
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DICE Final Report
View the DICE FY2010 Final Report (dated Dec10) - 2.46 MB (view)

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FY12-01 Event
  IPC: 16 Mar - 18 Mar 2010
  FPC: 19 Jul 21 Jul 2011
  Exercise: 31 Oct 18 Nov 2011

FY12-02 Event
  IPC: 19 Jul 21 Jul 2011
  FPC: 18 Oct 20 Oct 2011
  Exercise: 5 Mar - 23 Mar 2012

FY12-03 Event
  IPC: 18 Oct 20 Oct 2011
  FPC: 07 Feb 09 Feb 2012
  Exercise: 11 Jun - 29 Jun 2012

=========== Past Events ==========

FY11-01 Event
  IPC: 17 Feb - 19 Feb 2010
  FPC: 13 Jul - 15 Jul 2010
  Exercise: 18 Oct - 05 Nov 2011

FY11-02 Event
  IPC: 13 Jul - 15 Jul 2010
  FPC: 16 Nov - 18 Nov 2010
  Exercise: 23 Feb 18 Mar 2011

FY11-03 Event
  IPC: 16 Nov - 18 Nov 2010
  FPC: 16 Mar 18 Mar 2011
  Exercise: 6 Jun - 24 Jun 2011

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