The EKMS is a National Security Agency (NSA) effort to electronically provide communications security (COMSEC) material and provide a logistics support system consisting of interoperable Department, Agency or Organization (DAO) key management systems.  One EKMS objective is to supply electronic keys to COMSEC accounts and devices in a secure and timely manner.  The EKMS provides COMSEC material managers with automated support tools for tracking and managing COMSEC key material, key generation, key distribution, and key accounting.

As an independent DoD testing agent for NSA, the JITC conducts, witnesses, and reports on numerous testing efforts conducted on the EKMS system and its hardware and software components.  The EKMS testing, performed at JITC, ensures system interoperability among the unique systems developed by the Services, Agencies, and Allies to satisfy their internal COMSEC key requirements.  The JITC has established an EKMS test bed to support the NSA objectives for conformance and interoperability of all EKMS components.

The JITC recently supported the internal NSA Central Facility Operational Test and Evaluation and the Local Management Device/Key Processor (LMD/KP) Conformance Test.  Future JITC testing will concentrate on an EKMS end-to-end interoperability assessment, which will ensure that the EKMS system is ready for its Phase 4 Pilot Fielding in the first quarter FY 2001 and Full Operational Capability in the second quarter FY 2001.

The JITC will continue to test EKMS system upgrades and new technologies, such as Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) products, the Data Transfer Device (DTD) 2000, and any other upgrades involving the distribution and management of electronic key material.

The JITC also supports the Services' EKMS Helpdesks as a "Helpdesk to the Helpdesks."  Further details can be obtained by phoning (520) 538-5202/5076, or DSN 879-5202/5076.  The Help Desk email address is webmstr@fhu.disa.mil

Joint Key Management Information Working Group
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