Global Command and Control System (GCCS)
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GCCS IOP Points of Contact

IOP Certification Test Director
(520) 538-5120, DSN 879-5120

IOP Certification Test Manager/Leader
(520) 538-2634, DSN 879-2634

GCCS is an automated information system designed to support situational awareness and deliberate and crisis planning with the use of an integrated set of analytic tools and flexible data transfer capabilities. GCCS will be the single C4I system to support the warfighter from the foxhole to the command post.

JITC's Role

Under the Joint Interoperability Certification role, and as mandated by CJCSI 6212.01, The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) tests and certifies the interoperability of C4I systems for Joint use. In that role, JITC plans, conducts, and certifies the interoperability of GCCS with all its required interfaces or interfacing systems.

JITC will be the preeminent information systems evaluator, reducing risk to the warfighter by providing value-added process and product evaluations, operational assessments, and technical assistance throughout the life cycle of DoD Systems.

  Last Revision: 09 Dec 11

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