DoD Seal DISA Seal JITC Seal
Updated: 11/19/2018 1:37:10 PM
Deputy Commander
Technical Advisor
Sr Enlisted Leader
DISA T&E Coordinator
JT2 Operations Division
JT2A Human Resources Branch
JT2B MRTFB Program Controls Branch
JT2C Facilities Branch
JT2D Contracts and Security Branch
JT2E Operations Management Branch
JT2F Information Management Branch
JT3 Testbed Operations Division
JT3A Testbed Operations Branch FGGM
JT3B Testbed Operations Branch FH
JT3C Testbed Operations Branch IH
JT3D Testbed IA Branch FGGM
JT4 Strategy, Plans, and Engineering Division
JT4A Strategy and Policy Branch
JT4B Technology Branch
JT4C DISA Programs and Initiatives Branch
JTA OT&E and Enterprise Services Division
JTA1 Joint Operational Evaluations Branch
JTA2 Joint Operational Test Branch
JTA3 Enterprise Services Test Branch
JTA4 Joint C2 Operational Test Branch
JTB Enterprise Logistics/Business Division
JTB1 Focused Logistics Mission Area Branch
JTB2 Business Systems Mission Area Branch
JTC Tactical Systems Division
JTC1 C2/ISR Branch
JTC2 Coalition and Combat Services Support Branch
JTC3 Combat Systems Branch
JTC4 Data Link Branch
JTD Cyberspace and National Intelligence Division
JTD1 Cybersecurity Branch
JTD2 National Assets Branch
JTE Networks, Communications,
and UC Division
JTE1 Conformance and Assessment Branch
JTE2 UC and Standards Conformance Branch
JTE3 Communications Interoperability Branch