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Updated: 4/21/2015 2:24:14 PM

The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) is a member of the DoD’s Major Range Test Facility Base (MRTFB). Policies and rates are in accordance with DoD Directive (DoDD) 3200.11, "Major Range and Test Facility Base," 27 December 2007, applicable chapters of the DoD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14-R, and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Salary Tables.

DoD users are charged direct costs readily identifiable with a particular program. Direct costs are those costs that are directly attributable to the use of the facility or resource for testing under a particular program, over and above the institutional and overhead costs with respect to the facility or resource. Chargeable direct costs include labor, contract labor (which includes a portion of General and Administrative (G&A) Expenses and overhead), material, minor construction, utilities, equipment, supplies, items damaged or consumed during testing, and any resource or item maintained for a particular program, effort, or initiative.

Non-DoD Users, including federal, state, or local government agencies; allied foreign governments; defense contractors; commercial entities; and private organizations, when authorized, are charged all direct costs and a portion of indirect (or overhead) costs. Indirect costs include utilities, cost of leases (except when the cost of the lease can be directly associated with a specific customer), infrastructure upgrades or modernization, etc.


Government civilian labor includes all hours of the government civilian Action Officer (AO), including estimates for overtime. Estimates include hours for any other JITC civilian personnel, such as those who manage JITC's testbeds, which will support the program. Hourly rates for customers are determined through use of OPM Salary Tables of average JITC testing employee grade/step, standard work years, standard leave, and holiday and fringe benefits. The different rates for JITC personnel are due to variations in locality rates per the OPM Salary Tables. Non-DoD customers are charged a higher holiday and fringe benefit rate than DoD customers.

Current JITC government labor hourly rates are in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations.


Customers are charged actual costs for government travel, equipment, supplies, equipment, outgoing Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs), etc., that can be directly attributed to their reimbursable project. Government travel costs include airfare, per diem, and miscellaneous expenses and are in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations (JTR).


Contractor labor costs to the customer are based on actual costs of the specific contractor personnel charging to the reimbursable project. Estimated contractor labor rates used in preparation of cost estimates are composite rates for all supporting contractors and are computed in coordination with the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO). Contractor rates vary due to differences in labor categories, locality, associated fees, and contract periods.


Customers are charged the actual costs of contractor purchased equipment, supplies, subcontractor labor, and travel. Contractor travel costs include airfare, per diem, and miscellaneous expenses and are in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations.


JITC has both cost plus fixed fee and firm fixed price tasks. On cost plus fixed fee tasks, the contractor is paid for all of its allowed expenses plus additional payment (fixed fee) to allow for a profit. The fixed fee amount is computed against the contractor labor costs and can vary from 3-15% depending on the complexity of the task, with an average of 7-10%. Fixed fee is a direct charge and DoD and Non-DoD customers are charged fixed fee on cost plus fixed fee tasks. Firm fixed price tasks have profit embedded in the total amount bid for the effort.


This fee is a direct charge incurred by DITCO customers under the DISA Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF). Because JITC is supported by DITCO, this direct charge applies to JITC DoD and non-DoD customers. The current DITCO fee is 2.5% percent of government purchases over $3,000 contractor labor, fixed fee (if applicable), and other direct charges.


Overhead fee include costs associated with base operations, supplies, copiers, facilities, security, network operations, etc. Overhead costs are considered an indirect cost and are not chargeable to DoD customers. The current rate for overhead costs for Non-DoD customers is 31% of the total funding for the project.

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