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Cisco Systems, Inc., VPN 3000 Concentrator, version 3.6.7.F
Web Site Cisco Systems, Inc.
Status ASSESSMENT - Received Application Assessment Worksheet.
Date Certified N/A
Type/Supported Functions IPSEC/Virtual Private Network.
Operating Systems Supported Proprietary Operating System and hardware.
Associated Software N/A
Common Access Card Information N/A
Application Description The Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator is a virtual private network (VPN) platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses that require up to full-duplex T1/E1 (4 Mbps maximum performance) and offering support for up to 200 simultaneous IP security (IPSec) sessions or 50 simultaneous clientless sessions. Encryption processing is performed in software. The Cisco VPN 3000 does not have built-in upgrade capability.

This description was provided by the vendor.

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  Last Revision: 11 Feb 09

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