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Civilian Personnel Management Service, Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS)
Web Site Civilian Personnel Management Service
Status CERTIFIED - The certification letter is available on the JITC Joint Interoperability Tool web page. A JIT account must be requested to obtain access to the certification letters.
Date Certified April 2004
Type/Supported Functions Portal Solutions. Single Sign-On.
Operating Systems Supported HP 9000 servers with the HP-UX 11.x operating system.
Associated Software Netscape or Internet Explorer and Oracle application server.
Common Access Card Information Tested - works with DoD CACs.
Application Description The Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) is the enterprise civilian human resources transactional information system that supports over 800,000 Department of Defense employees, ensuring a coherent, standardized, and cost-effective system for the entire Department. DCPDS uses commercial off-the-shelf software customized to support Federal and Defense requirements. The system is web-enabled, and has driven the transformation of civilian human resources delivery by incorporating reengineered business processes.

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