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Intel Corporation, Expressway Service Gateway, version R2.7
Web Site Intel Corporation
Status CERTIFIED - The certification letter is available on the JITC Joint Interoperability Tool web page. A JIT account must be requested to obtain access to the certification letters.
Date Certified September 2011
Type/Supported Functions Security Gateway/Portal Solution
Operating Systems Supported Linux, Solaris, and Windows (JITC tested the product on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64-bit)
Associated Software None
Common Access Card Information N/A
Application Description Intel Expressway Service Gateway is a software security gateway used for securing XML and web services traffic. It provides authentication, authorization and access control for enterprise services and provides XML digital signatures, XML encryption, X.509 certificate processing, content attack prevention, SSL acceleration and detailed audit logging. It is available in both hardware and software form factors.

This description was provided by the vendor.

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