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Silanis Technology, Inc., e-Sign Desktop, version 7.0
Web Site Silanis Technology, Inc.
Status CERTIFIED - The certification letter is available on the JITC Joint Interoperability Tool web page. A JIT account must be requested to obtain access to the certification letters.
Date Certified September 2011
Type/Supported Functions Client Side Digital Signature.
Operating Systems Supported Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
Associated Software Adobe Accelio Classic FormFlow Form Designer with Filler version 2.23 and 2.3, Adobe Accelio Capture Advanced with Filler version 4.0, Adobe Acrobat version 8.x, 9.1.x, 9.2.x and 9.3.x, Adobe Form Designer with Client version 5.0, Adobe Reader version 8.x, 9.1.x, 9.2.x and 9.3.x, MS Office XP Professional, MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007 (Excel and Word only), MS Office InfoPath 2007, PureEdge ICS Designer 2.3 with Viewer 6.0, PureEdge ICS Designer 6.5 with Viewer 6.5, and Lotus Forms Viewer and Designer version 3.01, 3.5, 3.5.1
Common Access Card Information Tested - Works with DoD CACs.
Application Description Silanis Technology, Inc.ís e-Sign Desktop 7.0, hereinafter referred to as e-Sign Desktop, enables digital signing and verification of electronic documents. e-Sign Desktop integrates with popular productivity applications from Adobe and Microsoft, and can use either Microsoft CryptoAPI built into Windows or a third party Public Key Infrastructure service as its security service provider. e-Sign Desktop also supports customized process triggers upon approval of a document, utilizing XML.

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