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The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Multi-Function Laboratory (MFL) conducts distributed end-to-end testing to determine the extent Integrated Broadcast Service-Network Services (IBS-NS) and Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) consumer and producer systems satisfy Service-level Information Exchange Requirements (IER) and system data exchanges as identified in IBS and system requirements documents. The JITC MFL conducts laboratory-based standards conformance testing to determine system compliance with Military Standard (MIL-STD) 6018 Common Message Format (CMF), MIL-STD-6020 Tactical Data Link (TDL)/CMF forwarding, and CMF/Legacy translation rules.

The JITC MFL is a cross-functional organizational testbed that maintains Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information, Secret, and Unclassified networks and test domains. The MFL infrastructure includes federated connectivity enabling network-based distributed testing as well as isolated network and workstation capabilities. The MFL also maintains a suite of operationally fielded tactical terminals and Tactical Data Processors (TDP) to enable Over-the-Air distributed testing.

The MFL can actively and responsively connect to both operational Global IBS Network Servers (GINS) (East and West), the four Combatant Command Theater Interface Nodes (TIN), Exercise and Operational Communications, the Continental United States Common Interactive Broadcast (CIB) network, and emerging Integrated Broadcast Service-Alternate Path (IBS-A) networks as producers or consumers (as applicable) to support end-to-end interoperability tests and exercise/test support. The MFL can also interface with test networks when available and as necessary.


Please note: These documents are available on the JITC Industry Toolkit . Users must obtain a JIT account to access these documents. Contact the MFL POC for more information.

Joint Interoperability Test Plan (JITP) 3006, Appendix I (IBS)

MIL-STD 6018

MIL-STD 6020

MFL IBS Support Action Officer:
(520) 538-1720
MFL IBS Support Contract Lead:
(520) 538-5137
IBS Executive Agent (EA) Enterprise Test Manager / JITC Support Manager:

(520) 538-0247