Secure Terminal Devices (STD)
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Communications, Command and Control

Have you ever wondered why that Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) won't make a secure connection with the device on the other end? Have you read the interoperability reports to learn about the issues STE can have in different networks?

The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) conducts extensive testing on legacy Secure Telephone Unit version III (STU-III) devices along with the different versions of STE, Narrowband STE, Sectera Wireline Terminals, and Motorola’s Secure Global System for Mobile Communication (SGSM) cellular phones. In addition to the voice assets, JITC tests four different secure facsimile machines. We run all of these devices through a comprehensive evaluation, then analyze the results, and write the reports. You can read that documentation by accessing either the Joint Interoperability Tool (JIT) at http://jit.fhu.disa.mil/ or the System Tracking Program (STP) at https://stp.fhu.disa.mil/.

We also encourage industry to collaborate with us by developing Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs). CRADAs often enable industry to reduce the cost of obtaining required interoperability certifications and benefit both industry and JITC.

Test Facility:

JITC has the equipment and facilities to replicate the "typical" Joint Task Force network architecture in addition to traditionally strategic networks such as the Defense Switched Network. Using extensive telephone banks and facsimile devices we perform thousands of test calls, in both secure and non-secure modes, across a vast matrix of transmission paths, switches, and terrestrial networks.

Test Services:

Our capabilities allow us to test secure devices in an end-to-end manner, across both strategic and tactical assets to best simulate real-world scenarios. Device performance is graded against industry standards and recorded for subsequent analysis. The entire calling process is documented along with any difficulties that arise in connection procedures. All this information is recorded to keep America’s warfighters communicating when it matters most! As we say at JITC, "The Battle ground should not be the testing ground."


  • Test Plans
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