Lewis & Clark Class Auxiliary Cargo and Ammunition Ship (T-AKE)


The Auxiliary Cargo and Ammunition Ship (T-AKE) program will provide a two product (ammunition and combat stores - including dry stores, frozen and chilled products, spare parts and consumables) shuttle ship replacement for the aging Combat Stores (T-AFS-1/ 8 classes) and Ammunition (T-AE-26 class) shuttle ships. The T-AKE will also have a limited combatant refueling capability. In its shuttle role, the T-AKE will provide logistics lift to station ships from supply sources, such as friendly ports, and at sea from Modular Cargo Delivery System (MCDS) equipped merchant vessels. Working in concert with an Oiler (T-AO), the pair can perform a “substitute” station ship mission providing provisions; spare parts, dry stores, ammunition and fuel directly to naval combatants in the absence of an assigned AOE station ship. This will replace the current capability of the AOE-1 Class Fast Combat Support Ship.

Military Sealift Command (MSC) will operate the T-AKE with a Civilian Mariner (CIVMAR) crew and a small Military Detachment (MILDET). Therefore, T-AKE will be built to current international regulations for merchant ships, United States Coast Guard (USCG) requirements, and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules for Building and Classing of Steel Vessels, including the requirements for commercial communications. In addition, the T-AKE will have the ability to land both commercial and military helicopters. The MILDET will be responsible for aviation operations.

The overall task requirement is to provide interoperability certification support to the United States Navy T-AKE Program Management Office (PMO). The technical approach includes a review of documentation, Information Exchange Requirements Review/Refinement, Interoperability Certification Evaluation Plan development, test monitoring, Data Analysis/Review, briefing preparation, and organization and conduct of any JITC-hosted meetings for T-AKE as needed. Additionally, the task involves participation in scheduled Test Integrated Product Team (TIPT) meetings hosted by the T-AKE Program Office PM325. There may also be testing at various locations during any identified exercises, demonstrations, limited user tests, integration tests, and developmental and operational tests.

  Last Revision: 05 Mar 09

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