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Updated: 1/4/2016 3:18:29 PM

In support of its non-energy supply chain management mission, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) implemented the Business Systems Modernization (BSM) program to reengineer internal non-energy materiel management processes with best business practices and replaced legacy software with a Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution. The BSM program was the foundation of the Agency’s business systems modernization strategy, and BSM serves as the cornerstone of DLA’s business enterprise architecture. With preplanned product improvements and sustainment efforts, BSM is now known as the Enterprise Business System (EBS).

The Energy Convergence (EC) program will use BSM-E’s base- and installation-level support infrastructure, while further enhancing DLA’s EBS by extending the current enterprise level functionality available in EBS to include all DESC petroleum and non-petroleum supply chains. EC will support the non-petroleum installation energy and aerospace energy supply chains, not supported by BSM-E, thereby consolidating, automating, and standardizing business practices over all DLA supply chains. This will create a single ERP for all of DLA’s supply chains while retaining and improving the base and installation level support the Services know today. EC brings Energy to the DLA EBS.

The EC program will deliver eight capabilities that address the energy supply chain management shortfalls that DESC has identified: DLA Information Technology Architecture integration, modernized energy supply chain management, stewardship and compliance with federal financial mandates, energy-related procurement, planning, and quality assurance, interoperability, and the standardization of appropriate DESC-unique processes across the DLA enterprise.

EC program activities will include Business Process Reengineering to standardize DLA operations/operational support across all supply chains, establishing convergence preconditions (specifically, achieving compatibility and interoperability of several SAP components not originally designed to coexist within the same system), integrating SAP Oil and Gas industry-specific software within the DLA EBS, and modification of EBS to support the DESC supply chains.

EC will be a single increment acquisition program. Following the Technology Development Phase, which will deliver the necessary technical platform for convergence, the System Development and Demonstration Phase will use the new platform to host the existing EBS and then design and develop an initial EC demonstration release. The release will feature the re-hosted EBS with complete energy supply chain management capabilities targeted to a limited DESC business segment and user community. Follow-on releases will extend the demonstration in terms of business segments and user deployments. DLA expects three primary releases to comprise the increment.

Release 1 will be an adaptation of existing EBS functionality to support all non-petroleum supply chains. Those supply chains are currently managed manually. Release 2 will be a concept demonstration of a selected petroleum business supply chain or chains, integrating SAP Oil and Gas into EBS. Release 3 will be a tailoring of remaining petroleum business supply chains to use existing EBS functionality. Other deployments will integrate the remaining, if any, energy supply chains into EBS.


JITC is providing Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E), Net Readiness Key Performance Parameter (NR-KPP), and Information Assurance (IA) services for the EC program. Potential IA/NR-KPP/OT&E locations include Defense Enterprise Computing Centers in Ogden, Utah and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Headquarters DLA/Fort Belvoir, Virginia area; Lackland Air Force Base/San Antonio, Texas area; and other user locations to be determined at a later date.


Customer: DLA

Acquisition Category: Acquisition Category (ACAT) III

Milestone (MS) Status: MS B

DOT&E Oversight? (y/n): N


Milestone Decision Authority: DLA Program Executive Office (PEO)

Program Manager: DLA

PM Test Manager: DLA

User Representative: Defense Energy Support Center (DESC)

Capabilities Test Team (CTT) Lead: JT2

OT&E Lead: JT2

Information Assurance (IA) Lead: JTB

For more detailed information about the support that the Joint Interoperability Test Command provides to the EC Program Management Office (PMO), please contact:

OT&E Commercial Phone:
(520) 533-5148
OT&E DSN Phone:
NR-KPP Commercial Phone:
(301) 744-2795
IA Commercial Phone:
(301) 744-2858
IA DSN Phone:
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