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Updated: 1/16/2015 9:51:18 PM

The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) determined that, across the Command, there was a lack of consistency in the determining risk level for standards. In response to this issue, the JITC Standards Research (JSR) Team was formed. The JSR Team collects test methodologies, recommended test tools, known issues, and guidance from test facilities and experts across the Command. The JSR Team maintains the data through regular interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and regular updates from the DISR. The JSR Team developed the JITC Risk Assessment Database (J-RAD) to provide Information Technology (IT) standards testing information to program managers and JITC personnel for the purpose of supporting interoperability testing and certification efforts. The JSR Team, along with the J-RAD, provides a one-stop resource for IT standards information.


J-RAD is a tool that aids the tester in defining and documenting their standards and related risk analysis. All forms of testing at JITC require the tester to conceptualize their systems through Technical Views (TVs) and System Views (SVs). It is the tester's responsibility to correlate their TVs and SVs to the risk analysis provided by the J-RAD.

The JSR Team offers two methods of J-RAD assistance. The self-service J-RAD consists of a tool with several built-in functions that the tester can perform on their own. The tester can input their TV-1 into the J-RAD and generate a risk report. The anticipated goal of the self-service function is to produce a 70-80% risk assessment solution depending on the complexity of the TV-1.

If the tester does not want to use the self-service J-RAD or their risk assessment is complicated, then they can submit a full-service request to the JSR Team. The full-service J-RAD request is handled by the JSR Team and generates the same self-service solutions with the added benefit of a JSR SME completing additional research. In addition, the JSR Team assists the tester through the risk assessment process. The anticipated goal of the full-service J-RAD is to produce an 80-90% risk assessment solution. However, the final risk assessment should always be the responsibility of the tester.

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