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Updated: 7/19/2021 10:10:16 AM
Evincible, LLC, Evincible Ink, version 4.5.1
Web Site Evincible, LLC
Status CERTIFIED - The certification letter is available on the JITC Joint Interoperability Tool web page. A JIT account must be requested to obtain access to the certification letters.
Date Certified October 2002
Type/Supported Functions Web/Server Digital Signature.
Operating Systems Supported Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX.
Associated Software Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 6.2 and 7.0, Web Servers: IIS, Apache, iPlanet, IBM HTTPServer, Databases: Oracle 8+, SQL Server, Application Servers: Tomcat, ATG Dynamo, BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, JRun 3.0, Oracle Forms Software: Adobe Acrobat Biometric Devices: CIC
Common Access Card Information Tested - works with DoD CACs.
Application Description Evincible Ink version 4.5.1 is a comprehensive signing solution for electronic forms, typically in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) or Adobe format. The solution components include a Signing Application, a policy-based workflow, a management console, and a non-repudiation database. Users access electronic forms using a standard web browser. The solution's signing tool signs the forms, either electronically or digitally. The Evincible Ink Version 5.5 server implements signature validation and certificate verification using Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) or Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). The solution's management console allows administrators to define signature and workflow policies. The solution's non-repudiation database is tamper-evident and provides an audit journal for all signed forms.
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