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Updated: 7/19/2021 10:10:19 AM
Kyberpass Corporation, TrustPlatform Security Server, version 5.5
Web Site Kyberpass Corporation
Status ASSESSMENT - Recieved Application Assessment Worksheet
Date Certified N/A
Type/Supported Functions Unknown
Operating Systems Supported Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX
Associated Software None
Common Access Card Information N/A
Application Description The Kyberpass TrustPlatform Security Server is deployed at the edge of an organization’s network to control access, based on the user’s digital certificate, to sensitive applications. It comprises five service components:
  • Common Services: cryptographic libraries, configuration, files, logging and proxy services and application programmer interfaces.
  • Extranet Services: supports VPN solutions, MS networking, single sign-on, policy services and firewall tunneling services.
  • B2B Integration Services: support for business partner interworking, that includes the handling of workflows, signature and encryption handling, security processing, logging and routing of XML- based business transactions.
  • PKI Validation Services: performs verification of certificate chains and validation of certificates in support of digital signatures.
  • Marketplace Extensions: provides additional features, functionality, and services based on specific operating rules within a specific marketplace or B2B exchange (e.g., Identrus).
This description was provided by the vendor.

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