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Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Global Combat Support System (GCSS) System Administration and Log Tool (GSALT), version
Web Site Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Status ASSESSMENT - Errors encountered during product assessment; Vendor making changes to product.
Date Certified N/A
Type/Supported Functions Portal Solutions. Single Sign-On .
Operating Systems Supported GSALT Client: Solaris 8 and Windows 2000; GSALT Server: Solaris 8; GSALT Admin Console: Solaris 8.
Associated Software Netscape or IE browser (Netscape Required to obtain a DoD PKI certificate), Directory Server (Netscape v6.0.2), Web Server (supporting java servlets), Java 1.3.1_02, PERL v5.6 for Solaris/v5.005_03 for Windows.
Common Access Card Information N/A
Application Description The GCSS program has instituted a comprehensive user management system based on PKI technology, COTS directory services, and developed software (GSALT). This combination of COTS and developed software provides a foundation for a true single sign on facility among the Joint GCSS components – Portal, COP-CSE Drill Down Tool, Enterworks Content Integrator (ECI) and Oracle database. GSALT provides a single Web-based user and administration console where all available accesses and permissions can be advertised to users to request; and through a full set of delegated administration permissions, be approved only by an appropriately credentialed administrator. This system relies on the use of a DoD PKI certificate to uniquely identify the user. GSALT interfaces with the DoD PKI directory services to ensure authenticity of the certificate, and implements certificate revocation checking to continuously verify that authenticity. GSALT software is used to model the required security role and permissions in the directory that are used to make access control decisions; and stores a user's credentials in a secure java object within the directory. Through a client-server relationship, GSALT software manages the retrieval of credentials by applications to use for authentication when that application can not natively process a PKI certificate; the net effect being to extend the assured identity of a user via the PKI certificate to non-Web and non-PKI based systems.

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