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Series of three pictues: Hummingbird on Octillo,Barn Owl,Hummingbird feeding

Garden Canyon, Fort Huachuca

A must hike for naturalists, birders, butterfly enthusiasts and archaeology buffs. Inhabited since 600 A.D., the Canyon has 53 pictographs, or rock art, from some of its earliest residents, as well as Apache pictographs from the 1700s. The canyon is easily and fully accessible from hiking trails winding through some of the most diverse flora and fauna.

Ash, Carr, Miller & Ramsey Canyons

The Carr House Visitor Center in Carr Canyon offers displays and exhibits of historical and natural significance. There are nature trails for strolling as well as hiking that is more adventurous. These four canyons offer trailheads that lead into the majestic Coronado National Forest and Miller Peak, with its breathtaking views at nearly 10,000 feet. Visit the public bird feeding stations at the Ash Canyon B&B in Ash Canyon as well as those at Beatty’s Guest Ranch & Orchard in Miller Canyon.

Kartchner Caverns State Park

In November of 1974 two local cavers were exploring around the base of the Whetstone Mountains when they noticed a narrow opening leading into the hillside. They followed the opening, crawling until they entered a vast, pristine cavern. The two kept their discovery secret from even the property owners until four years later. The cave’s existence was not publicly revealed until 1988, when the site was sold and designated as an Arizona State Park.

What will you find within this carefully protected and preserved land of visual enchantment below the ground? Stunning living caverns of mystery and awe, including exhibits of scientific information on why these internationally acclaimed caverns exist. You’ll learn about the bats that make their home here, and how the many huge stalactites and stalagmites are formed. And you will see why Kartchner Caverns is truly an underground phenomenon unlike any other.

Amenities include shaded ramadas and outdoor picnicking. The Discovery Center offers interactive displays and a theater video program. Walking and hiking trails and a campground are available.


Bisbee has evolved into an attractive artist colony and retirement community, known for its relaxed quality of life. Travelers from all over the world come to Bisbee to savor its unique charm...an uncommon blend of creativity, friendliness, style, romance and adventure — all wrapped in the splendor of the Old West.

The most popular activity in Bisbee is the Queen Mine Tour, a trip down into the now inactive copper mine. Bisbee’s Queen Mine was once one of the richest copper mines in history when the mine originally opened in 1877. The mine eventually closed when mining operations were discontinued in Bisbee in the mid–1970’s. Another popular activity is Bisbee's excellent self-guided. historic walking tour. A brochure of the walking tour can be picked up at the Visitor Center. The tour details each historic structure and guides the visitor with a map.

For more information visit https://www.cityofbisbee.com

Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone is located 22 miles South of I-10 on Hwy 80, which is 67 miles Southeast of Tucson. While visiting Tombstone, tourists will find themselves stepping back into the past as they witness re-enactments at the OK Corral or take a stroll along the boardwalks on Allen Street where they might want to unwind and relax in The Bird Cage Theater, Big Nose Kate’s or The Crystal Palace, some of Tombstone’s best known tourist attractions and saloons.

The OK Corral is home to the most famous historic gunfight in the Old West. Wyatt Earp with his brothers Virgil and Morgan along with Doc Holliday, trying to instill peace in the rowdy town of Tombstone, fought it out with the Clanton and McLowry brothers at the rear entrance to the OK Corral. The infamous gunfight of October 1881 went down in history and is re-enacted daily at 2:00pm on the streets of Tombstone.

For more information visit https://www.tombstone.org


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