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Updated: 6/15/2022 8:43:58 AM

Per MIL-STD-2500C Change Notice 2 Section 5.8, all data extensions shall be controlled or registered with NGA’s NITF Technical Board (NTB). The register below is NTB’s registry of controlled and registered Data Extension Segments (DES)s. Any data extension not controlled or registered with the NTB is not valid for implementation.

New extensions shall be submitted to the NTB for control or registration. Extensions deemed by NTB as essential to the NITF product’s interoperability and use by anticipated and unanticipated systems and users, respectively, will be overseen by NTB’s configuration management. Extensions deemed by NTB to be only essential to the production source and immediate systems/users will be registered. For more information, follow the link: TRE / DES Submission.

The register lists the Unique Extension Type Identifier for controlled, registered, reserved, and reported extensions. This is to ensure identifiers remain unique to avoid interoperability risks. The following section define types and statuses for extensions:

  • Type:
    • Controlled: Extensions controlled by the NTB for community use.
      Registered: Extensions registered with the NTB for private use.
      Reserved: Extensions not yet deemed by NTB to be controlled or registered.
      Reported: Extensions observed in fielded systems and not registered the NTB.
  • Status:
    • Approved: Extensions approved by the NTB for implementation.
      Pending: Extensions pending NTB’s review.
      Canceled: Extensions where the submitter or NTB canceled development.
      Retired: Extensions no longer valid for implementation.
      Invalid: Extensions not approved by NTB for implementation.

For more information, download the following spreadsheet:
NTB Register - v2022.05.09.xlsx

Instructions on using the Filter and Sort Capabilities:

To Filter: Select either TYPE and/or STATUS and then click "APPLY." To clear filtering, click "RESET" to start fresh and see full listing. If wanting a new filter option, select "RESET" first, choose your option (s), and then "APPLY."

To Sort: Click on the underlined Column Title. This will sort the listing in ascending order. Click on the same Column Title again to reverse the order. To clear the sorting, select the "RESET" to refresh the page.

Note: The page refreshes after applying filters and sorting. The filter and sort options are not saved when the page or browser is closed.



CSATTA01Commercial Source Attitude Data, Version ASTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx CControlledApproved8/1/2007
CSATTB01Common Sensor Attitude Data, Version BSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AHControlledApproved6/16/2020
CSCSDB01Common Sensor Covariance Support Data, Version BSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AHControlledApproved6/16/2020
CSEPHB01Common Sensor Ephemeris Data, Version BSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AHControlledApproved6/16/2020
CSEPHB02Common Sensor Ephemeris Data, Version BSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AHControlledApproved6/16/2020
CSSFAB01Common Sensor Sensor Sensor Field Alignment Data, Version BSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AHControlledApproved6/16/2020
CSSFAB02Common Sensor Sensor Sensor Field Alignment Data, Version BSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AHControlledApproved6/16/2020
CSSHPA01Commercial Source Shapefile, Version ASTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx DControlledApproved8/1/2007
CSSHPB01Common Sensor Shapefile, Version B, Version 1.0STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx DControlledApproved12/18/2018
CSSHPB02Common Sensor Shapefile, Version B, Version 2.0STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx DControlledApproved12/18/2018
CSSLIA01Common Sensor Spectral Library-ReportedInvalid3/6/2019
CSSTAT01Common Sensor Statistics-ReportedInvalid3/6/2019
EXT_DEF_CONTENT01Externally Defined Content DataSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx KControlledApproved8/20/2019
FIA-specific DES01Future Imagery Architecture Specific Data Extension Segment-RegisteredApproved6/13/2006
ICC_PROFILE_SUPPORT_DES01International Color Consortium Profile Support Data Extension SegmentSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx IControlledRetired2/22/2019
LIDARA DES01Light Detection and Ranging, Version ASTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx JControlledApproved12/3/2012
MOTION IMAGERY01Motion Imagery-RegisteredCanceled4/5/2019
MOVING TARGET REPORT01Moving Target ReportSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx GControlledApproved12/03/2012
OPEN_SKIES_HEADER_DATA01Open Skies Digital Data Exchange File Header STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx EControlledRetired1/9/2019
OPEN_SKIES_ICD_TEXT_FILE01Open Skies Digital Data Exchange Text FileSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx EControlledRetired1/9/2019
OPEN_SKIES_IMAGE_METADATA01Open Skies Digital Data Exchange Image MetadataSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx EControlledRetired1/9/2019
OPEN_SKIES_MULTI_MATES01Open Skies Digital Data Exchange Multiple MatesSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx EControlledRetired1/9/2019
RPFDES01Raster Product Format (RPF) Data Extension Segment (DES)STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx TControlledRetired8/1/2011
SAR_VPH01Synthetic Aperture Radar Video Phase History-RegisteredCanceled4/5/2019
SICD_XML01Sensor Independent Complex Data eXtensible Markup Language-RegisteredCanceled4/5/2019
SIDD_XML01Sensor Independent Derived Data eXtensible Markup Language-RegisteredCanceled4/5/2019
STREAMING_FILE_HEADER01Streaming File HeaderSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx BControlledRetired3/5/2020
TRANSPORTABLE_FILE_STRUCT01Transportable File Structure-RegisteredCanceled4/5/2019
TRE_OVERFLOW01Tagged Record Extension OverflowSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx AControlledApproved12/3/2012
WBRD_FRAME01Refer to source document.STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx EControlledApproved12/3/2012
WEATHER_DATA01Weather Data, Version 1.0STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx LControlledApproved3/5/2020
WEATHER_DATA02Weather Data, Version 2.0STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx LReservedCanceled10/3/2019
WEATHER_DATA04Weather Data, Version 4.0STDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx LControlledApproved3/5/2020
XML_DATA_CONTENT01eXtensible Markup Language Data ContentSTDI-0002-2_21.1, Appx FControlledApproved12/3/2012

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