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Updated: 2/28/2022 3:08:30 PM

JITC developed JANETT to automate large volumes of data in a consistent manner with an expansion capability to analyze a wide variety of protocols. JANETT software offers a flexible, rule-based, data parsing, analysis, validation, visualization, and reporting capability by applying a service-oriented architecture. Based on its design, JANETT can support developmental, standards conformance, cyber, interoperability, and operational testing.


Establish JANETT operation quickly by utilizing JANETT team consulting services to implement your system and assist you in configuring JANETT to meet your needs. Our team supports scores of installations, setups, configurations, and deployments each month. They have the experience and knowledge to help ensure you get the most out of your investment in JANETT.


The JANETT team offers comprehensive consulting services for new and existing JANETT partners, as well as one-to-one or one-to-many working sessions with your team to cover a wide variety of JANETT features and functionality. Gain the expert knowledge you need to leverage your system to the maximum with our talented JANETT team experts.


JANETT team consulting provides system engineering support to establish your data collection, analysis, and reduction either locally at our facility at JITC, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, or on site at your location. The JANETT team will work with you and your technicians and analysts to leverage JANETT’s flexible tools to support your mission data collection and analysis needs.


JANETT has an established comprehensive training package that ensures you and your technicians are taking full advantage of JANETT’s powerful suite of tools. From online distance learning to live on-site training, our education options are flexible to meet your needs. Expert JANETT trainers share their knowledge through our virtual and live classroom trainings, held at our facility at JITC, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, or on site at your location.


The main objective of the JANETT technical support team is to deliver timely, effective, and consistent technical support while providing customers with a positive experience. Hiring and maintaining the best technician resources available in the IT industry is the first step we take to achieve that goal.

Our JANETT technical support team is staffed with highly qualified engineers and systems administrators with many years of experience in the IT services industry. Once we have hired the best, we take it a step further by providing our technical staff with extensive training led by JANETT subject matter experts and original JANETT developers. We believe that honest, clear, and professional communication is the best practice to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


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