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The GEOINT-TEC Test Data suite comprises a variety of data to enable the full spectrum of testing. It contains a basic dataset, a products dataset, a source dataset, National Enterprise Architecture (NEA) dataset, and negative test cases.


    Test Set 1.
    Basic Format Testing

    Test Set 2.
    Data Processing Testing

    Test Set 3.
    Product Support Testing
    Test Set 4.
    Source Support Testing
    Test Set 5.
    Error Handling Set

   Interpret Features
   Support Tests

   Generate Features
   Product Creation Tests

   Data Processing and
   Compression Support Tests

   Data Processing and
   Compression Creation Tests

    Interpret Product
    Support Testing

    Generate Product
    Creation Testing
    Source Support Tests
    Error Handling Tests

    Tests capability against specified format(s):
  • NITF 1.1 Volume I (NITF 1.1, Interpret only)
  • NITF 1.1 Volume II (NITF 1.1, Interpret only)
  • MIL-STD 188-197A (NITF 1.1, Interpret only)
  • MIL-STD-2500A (NITF 2.0)
  • MIL-STD-2500B (NITF 2.1), STANAG 4545 Ed1 (NSIF 1.00)
  • MIL-STD-2500C (NITF 2.1), STANAG 4545 Ed2 (NSIF 1.01)
  • MIL-STD-188-198A (NITF 2.0, NITF 2.1, NSIF)
  • MIL-STD-188-196 (NITF 2.0, NITF 2.1, NSIF)
  • MIL-STD-188-199 (NITF 2.0, NITF 2.1, NSIF)
  • MIL-STD-2301 (NITF 2.0)
  • BPCGM01.00 (NITF 2.1, NSIF)
  • BPJ2K01.10 (NITF 2.1, NSIF)
  • STDI-0002 Volume I and II

    Tests capability against specific structural profiles and standards.
  • National Imagery Transmission Format Implementation Requirements Document (NITFIRD), S2035 and STDI-0001
  • NITF Version 2.1 Commercial Dataset Requirements Document (NCDRD) STDI-0006
  • Commercial Support Data Extensions (CSDE) STDI-0002 App. D
  • Airborne Support Data Extensions (ASDE) STDI-0002 App. E
  • High Resolution Elevation (HRE) NGA.IP.0002
  • Tactical Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), NGA.IP.0003
  • Tactical Hyperspectral Imagery (HSI), NGA.IP.0006
  • Sensor Independent Complex Data (SICD), NGA.STND.0024
  • Sensor Independent Derived Data (SIDD),NGA.STND.0025
  • Digital Point Positioning Data Base (DPPDB), MIL-PRF-89034A
  • Controlled Image Base (CIB), MIL-PRF-89041A
  • Enhanced Compressed Raster Graphic (ECRG), MIL-C-89038
  • Enhanced Compressed Raster Graphic (ECRG), MIL-PRF-32283
  • Enhanced Controlled Image Base (ECIB), ML-PRF-32466
  • Independent TRE STDI-0002 assessment
    Capabilities to test against specific data sources such as tactical, national,
    commercial, and reference imagery products.
    Representation of the test sets with negative test cases (or as-is source errors) to
    evaluate error handling/recovery/reporting of application for real world variables.


BASIC DATASET [back to top]

The basic dataset contains examples of NITF files that are operationally representative of general tactical products a user would encounter during operations, and are intended for use by developers for developmental testing of implementations. These files are generic in nature and are meant to provide a uniform, compliant “canned” dataset. This includes data that conforms to NITF 2.0, NITF 2.1/NSIF 1.0, STDI-0001 and -0002, and contain a variety of Tagged Record Extensions, Data Extension Segments, Graphics (CGM), and compression rates.


PRODUCTS DATASET [back to top]

The products dataset contains generic examples of products users would encounter during normal operations. This includes Synthetic Aperture Radar, Hyperspectral Imagery, LiDAR, SICD, SIDD, CADRG, ECRG, High Resolution Elevation, Digital Point Positioning Database, Controlled Image Base, ECIB.


SOURCE DATASET [back to top]

The source dataset contains examples of specific platforms that might be encountered during operations. They are designed to function like original source data to incorporate the same variety of metadata and data that would be encountered in normal operations. This dataset simulates sources such as Buckeye, Global Hawk, JSTARS, Predator, and other similar sources.



The NEA dataset contains files that test enterprise level standards, specifically addressing the JIE requirements for information to be visible, accessible, understandable, and trusted.



Negative test cases contain files that are specifically designed to test an implementation’s ability to properly handle incorrectly built data. It contains a variety of false data, from incorrect security markings, improper geo-coordinate and projection information, to invalid or unregistered field values. This dataset allows the testing of guards, processors, and producers who ingest, exploit, or modify existing data to ensure conformance on intake. This dataset is intended mainly for libraries, networks, and exploitation applications which must validate the compliance of ingested data.

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