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The NITF Technical Board maintains a register of extensions to ensure identifiers remain unique and provide configurational controls when applicable. NTB maintains the authoritative specifications for all controlled extensions in STDI-0001 or 0002 (aka. Compendiums of Controlled Extensions).

STEP 1. RESERVATIONS. To reserve an extension identifier (i.e. DESID, CETAG) during its development; download, fill out, and submit the ID Reservation Form to disa.jitc.nitf@mail.mil. Email us for instructions on reserving classified extensions. JITC will verify the identifier is unique before adding to the register as “Reserved” with “Pending” as status.

STEP 2. DOCUMENTATION. NTB will review the data model description to determine if the extension to be registered or controlled. Based on the determination, JITC will changed the “Reserved” type to either “Registered” or “Controlled”, but maintain the status as “Pending”.

For extensions to be registered, developer will submit the appropriate form: For extensions to be controlled, the developer will began preparing the specification document using the appropriate template:
STEP 3. DRAFT REVIEW. The NTB will submit the draft specification for 30-day community review along with a Comment Resolution Matrix (CRM). Be prepared to provide access to reference implementations (i.e. sample data and/or software) and available test measures (i.e. conformance criteria, test applications, test data, etc.) to allow NTB reviewers to verify the extension can be implemented in accordance to the draft specification and the specification itself is testable, respectively.

STEP 4. FINALIZATION. Upon NTB’s satisfaction of comment resolutions and conformance results, the developer may begin finalizing the specification for inclusion into STDI. Submit the finalized specification to the NTB Chair (NTBChair@nga.mil) with the RFC cover sheet filled out.
STEP 5. RFC REVIEW. The NTB will submit the RFC and finalized specification for 30-day community review along with a new CRM. Upon NTB’s satisfaction of comment resolutions, the extension status will be changed on the respective register from “Pending” to “Approved”. The RFC will be listed on the NTB website as “NTB Approved - Documentation Update Pending”, and it will be incorporated into the next publication of STDI-0002 (or STDI-0001).

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